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Did you know Scona Cycle is Edmonton’s oldest Honda dealer?  We’ve been Riding Red Since ’68 and we have the people of the City of Edmonton to thank for it.

Despite the fact that it’s mid winter in Alberta, you can come into Scona Cycle, and warm up with a story of far-away travels, or ones closer to home. 

Rudi Sr and staff are more than willing to share tales of travel to many destinations around the world on two wheels.  With travels through Central and South America, Costa Rica, Mexico, Europe, Malaysia, Western Canada, the Northwest Territories and the US including Alaska in our repertoire, there isn’t much ground we haven’t covered.  In fact, there’s another trip in the works, just around the corner.  Team Scona is also preparing for an adventure of their own.  Numb Bum 24 Hour Ice Race is happening on February 15th and 16th.  So don’t let a little winter get you down... Come talk motorcycles with people who love, love, love to do the same.







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